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Beachwood Park



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
I moved here in 2013, and have had no major issues at all. Rosemarie is, well was great, until this new complex was built and now Rosemarie is no longer here...there's "Kia" here now, and I'm guessing an additional maintenance person. There's a guy who doesn't look familiar to anyone I've seen before. Prior to Rosemarie leaving, I would have recommended this place to anyone. Now, I can see it starting to decline, from the horrible customer relations of Kia. She's ok, if you have no issues, but when it's time to resolve customer issues, her defenses go up, and her customer service, the little she did have, is out the door...which is where I'm going to be if this place doesn't get back to the standard it was before Rose left. There are now delays in posting rent payments, though I pay early. I know anyone who currently lives here, and was here when Rose was here, can attest to the fact that she never let payments linger. They were always posted timely...not anymore. The dumpster area is now disgusting!!! Always overflowing, people are always leaving their trash on the ground, etc. It's never been that way before. I'm sure others can attest to that as well. There are cracks in the foundation and the sliding glass door, causing critters, lizards, spiders, etc. to come in and there's just a carelessness to what goes on around here now. Before, we were getting notices all the time about pet owners picking up after their pets, trash not being left on the outside for later disposal, etc. The care is just no longer here. It's going downhill really fast.
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Beachwood Park

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