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Beachwood Park



Resident · 2013 - 2016
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Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE HERE! I will try to keep this as short as possible. 1. You can rent a HOUSE for the price of a 2 bedroom 12 year old paper thin wall town home at $1100 2. Parking IS NOT guaranteed...unless you pay an extra $30 a month to guarantee a spot. Management does not care that you have to park 5 minutes on the other side of the apartments to reach your home because your neighbors have 5 adults living next door who all own a car. You will lose a spot if not home by 6 pm. 3. Paper thin walls. You literally can hear your neighbor using the bathroom in the downstairs bathroom for 2 bedroom town homes 4. There is no reasonable amount of space for children to play so they live in the streets 5. Appliances look new but do not work. Management will take their time to replace what is broken 6. Wolf spiders, snakes, roaches, frogs, slugs....you will see all of this living here and the bi-monthly sprays do nothing 7. Smoke detectors go off when boiling water. You will hear your neighbor's go off constantly and yours will too 8. Your rent will go up SIGNIFICANTLY (around $100) every time you renew thanks to the new development. Management states "NC does not have a cap on rent so we will continue to raise it) 9. Bus stops are on the street. Dangerous 10. When you move they will charge you over $1,000 for replacing the entire carpet or numerous other things. There is NO way out of this. Please spend your money else where. Yes the space LOOKS nice but you are better off spending an extra $100 to move to nice apartments near Duke Med or in Knightdale
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Beachwood Park

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