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Beachwood Park



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
I have lived here two months. I can't say that I 'hate it', but I think it's extremely average. I live in a townhome. First of all, no matter what carrier you have for your cell phone, you will not have a cell signal. I was forced to get a land line. The flow of the unit on the first floor is very odd. They placed the ceiling fan in the dining room area, but very far back, so if you try to line up your dining room table, it's going to be sitting in your Livingroom. There is no light fixture in the living room, so you must buy lamps. Decorating your downstairs will be difficult. The grounds are VERY average; there are no flowers, except in front of the office, and they do not keep up with mowing the lawn or lawn care. I am starring at a completely dead tree outside of my slider. One good storm and that's coming through either mine or my neighbors unit!!! They recently put a new roof on the units on my street - my street was the first, and now it's 3 weeks later. There is STILL debris and nails. Debris is hanging from my shutters and nails are still in the front yard and the sidewalk. There is also debris in the backyard that I have to look at every day. The units are EXTREMEMLY dark, so if you like light, you will hate it! The walls have been painted over a zillion times (and not a good job at that), so if you wipe your wall, you will have a bluish tint. The 'upgraded' kitchen appliances have to be a discontinued item or something. The dishwasher is a very funky design, so if you have a family, you will have to run it a couple of times a day due to the design and it's small....the appliances are average, at that. Even with the air conditioning set at 73 degrees, it is very hot upstairs! The vents are on the floor, and yes I made sure they were open and functioning. They say 'upgraded lighting'. They are simple ceiling fans and an oval light in the kitchen...that's it. I do like the kitchen, it's pretty. I hate the flooring that they choose for the 'upgraded units'...they're awkward. The trash area is very unkept and it looks like a dump. If I lived over there, I'd be furious!!! For the amount of money I am paying, I could have done much better!!! There are beautiful brand new apartment complexes right down the street from Beachwood, for the same price. Don't fall for their term 'upgraded' when renting in this community. I will never rent again without being able to walk into the actual unit I am renting. I would not pay more than $800 to live here. Unfortunately, I am paying a couple of hundred dollars +, more than that. On the plus side, my street is extremely quiet! But it is also the smallest street in the community. I will say, I love the management. They are so nice and extremely helpful!! Maintenance is wonderful!!
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Beachwood Park

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