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Camden Overlook

4703 Summit Overlook Drive

Raleigh, NC 27612



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
Where do I start? I have now been in this apartment for 2 1/2 years. Management could be more professional and friendly. 1. Initial move-in issues-The apartment that I was promised was given to someone else 3 days after I visited and started my application. My carpet was wet on the day I moved in, dirt/hair was found inside all bathroom cabinets. It took 12 calls and 2 months to get items fixed from the move in checklist. I could have done the work in 2 hrs but I wanted to see what kind of service that I would get. Unless the AC or Heat doesn't work, I perform all other maintenance so I don't have to put up with really bad service. Also, Maintenance came into my apt several times without my approval even though I requested that they stop by when I was home. 2. Windows are of LOW QUALITY. Honestly, Be ready for 2-4 ounces of water on inside window seals in the cold weather months.....Very CHEAP windows even though the outside and inside appearance are decent. When you have moisture, you have MOLD. Keep a towel handy. Apartment complex Window expert indicated that the windows were not faulty yet they are dripping in moisture on cold winter months. 3. NOISY neighbors. Sounds like a waterfall in the bedroom when the shower is on. You can hear water traveling down the pipes thru the walls....PAPER THIN! POORLY INSULATED Floors and walls. I would bet that there is no interior insulation anywhere in these POORLY constructed apartments. I've had to call the police 1/2 dozen times when parties continued well past midnight or when people started partying at 3:00am even on weekdays.... Do these people hold a real job? DRUG Dealers are staying at Camden...------ Apartment Complex. I've had a Hit and Run on my car while parked overnight and had to pay out of my pocket to repair. RUN for your Life!! 4. I renewed my lease in November to find that my rent was going to increase by over 10% since I was paying less than most renters. My first year increase was 3% and now jumped to 10%. Other renters had an increase of only 3%. "It was a marketing strategy" is what the District mgr stated. Yeah, more $ for you and you advertise that you cater to the customer. OH YEAH, don't let me forget the MANDATORY CHARGE for Time Warner cable. $40 per month added to the rent. When I moved into the complex over 2 years ago I was paying $13 per month for Time Warner cable until Camden "partnered" with Time Warner. I renewed in Nov 06 to find that I was being forced to pay $40 for the same service if I wanted to continue to live at this location. If it hadn't been the holiday season with so many other expenses, I would have moved. How can an apartment complex force a renter to purchase an optional utility? I'm still fighting this issue with Camden who bought out Summit this past year. Could this be some sort of unfair practice by Camden Properties? Time will tell!! My advise is to not waste your time with Camden.
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Camden Overlook

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