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Colonial Grand at Trinity Commons

1140 Trinity Pine Lane

Raleigh, NC 27607



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mblan • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/16/2002
The apartment layouts at Trinity Commons was main reason I choose to move into the complex. I had very specific goals for the apartment community that I choose, and I do feel that Trinity Commons let me down. <br> <br>My main goal was an apartment that was not in a noisy district. I specifically told the sales agent this was my main goal and he informed me that they would "do everything possible" to place me in an apartment within the community that could accommodate this goal. <br> <br>After the movers had moved me in, I went to the apartment and found not only did they place me in the building beside the main road going into the apartment complex, but also adjacent to the new annex to Trinity Commons, the under construction buildings. <br> <br>Three months went by and many restless nights. I approached the apartment complex staff to speak with them about the obstacles I had been putting up with and putting on the back burner. They eventually referred me to the district manager, Lisa. <br> <br>Lisa informed me that I made the wrong decisions, not the staff. She felt that the staff "did not make poor decisions and were not negligent" on the location of the apartment location. I asked for a copy of occupancy level at the time of move in to see the other apartment´s that were available, but they were unable to show me the data information. I wanted to see this to prove to them that there were other apartments open that would have been a better location to meet my needs. I strongly feel that my foremost goal was not met, and could have been better dealt with. <br> <br>The construction she informed me was not the apartment community’s fault. While the apartment complex was being built to be a part of Trinity Commons, she stated that they did not own it concurrently; therefore they could not control it. It amazes me how many people don’t own new projects that could give them a bad name, but as soon as the project is complete, they will gladly own it and gladly take a check for it. <br> <br>Other problems with the complex are the inadequate parking and the mass amounts of unsolicited mail that you will receive (both on your door and car). <br> <br>Be sure to fork out your wallet for your electric bills also. The poor insulation, combined central water heaters and poor air flow design will increase your electric bill to around $125 per month on a two bedroom apartment. <br> <br>Hot showers are also a problem. Don´t plan on taking more than 1 shower within a 30 minute period. Just hope you wake up before your roommate. <br> <br>The apartment layout is very nice, the apartments are clean and spacious. If you can deal with noisy construction, neighbors, lawn mowing at 7am and noisy cars speeding around at about 30mph then you will love the complex.
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Colonial Grand at Trinity Commons

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