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Cortland Midtown East



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vrp · 2017 - 2018
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Overall, my experience has been positive. There are two major concerns that I have relating to sanitation standards at the complex. As the facility expands to capacity, I want to be certain that efforts are being made to maintain standards of sanitation. I am not a dog owner, but have noticed the presence of feces on the lawn spaces near the clubhouse and the parking lot. It cannot be emphasized enough how much of a health hazard this is as dog feces are no cleaner than human feces. None of us want to the see the latter out in full view or risk stepping on them during a walk to our vehicles in the morning. Where I have yet to see an unattended dog, this implies that some owners are negligent about disposing of their dog waste. One strategy is to use those DNA kits for dog feces to enforce your policies. Otherwise, there will be little authoritative force behind your statements for pet waste disposal. Additionally, there is insufficient garbage disposal space for all the waste in some of the buildings in the property. These waste constraints have promoted the proliferation of flying insects in some of the waste rooms. I strongly believe it is unreasonable to charge residents a waste removal fee if there is not enough space to dispose of their waste. Expecting residents to incur additional fees for waste removal when this is a monthly charge is frankly unfair as well. There are several solutions to this problem: expand the waste removal space (e.g. dumpster, additional bins, etc.) or remove the waste more frequently. Finally, it would be great to have available a foam roller (or two) in the fitness center to use for warm-up/cool-down activities. Thank-you for your considerations.
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Thank you so much for your review! We love to hear resident thoughts and take all feedback seriously in efforts to improve our service. We have recently added more pet stations in convenient high traffic walking areas in attempts to encourage residents to pickup after their pets. We are doing more research on other opportunities to help ensure all pets are picked up after by their owners. We are also working with the city to get larger containers for recycling in the rear of the community as well as several other possible projects for a bulk area and other recycling avenues. Lastly, we would be happy to look into foam rollers for the fitness area to assist in workouts. If you have any other suggestions or concerns, feel free to email me direct at [email protected] Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestions and keep an eye on your email for community updates surrounding these matters. Sincerely, Michael Zolyniak, Community Manager

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Cortland Midtown East

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