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7400 Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC 27613
7400 Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC 27613

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Dominion on Lake Lynn



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lakelynnlover • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2013
Okay, I legit like this place. I've lived in many apartment complexes, this is not the best of the best but it is a good place. My last apartment was expensive and "perfect" which attracted a bunch of people who wanted to live the rich life but left a mess for us regular, peaceful tenants to deal with during the weekends and sometimes week days as yoloing and living beyond your means is the thing now. There are bugs but remember we are living in the woods by the lake. If you want a bug free apartment you may want to go to one of those apartment complexes that knock all the trees down when they build the apartments like my old place... and I still had bugs. Rent is decent, the place could be upgraded a little better but the location and the access to 540 and 40 is wonderful. It's a really quiet place here, I don't have loud neighbors, in fact I never hear them unless they're in the breezeway and I'm near the door. There are lots of pet lovers here, but I think it has to do to the fact that, once again, we're right next to the lake with a 2 mile walking trail which as someone who has a dog myself, I LOVE and definitely took advantage of. There's no problem with parking, the grounds look great, I feel safe - I walk my dog at night and am more worried about animals that like the woods then strangers. Again there are bugs and the apartments could be better kept, but it's a safe, great place to live. I have a lake view and a screened in porch and I never have to worry about obscene neighbors. I'll take that over over crappy neighbors who party all the time any day.
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Dominion on Lake Lynn

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