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Dominion on Lake Lynn



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
My fiance and I lived here so long we have seen many problems i.e. car break ins, uneven floors, maintence men come and go, main office do not care about thier residence. I just recently moved into a two bedroom out here coming from a one bedroom which was the worst the floors were uneven leaking water heater which the came to fix but never put the carpet back down. Prior to moving to my 2 bedroom which they told us would be ready on the frist but we could not veiw the apartment until it was ready we did'nt get moved in until the 4th . the apartment people are very unpleasent just because you have six move ins for the month and you get an attitude with me because I ask if I can veiw my apartment maybe you should find another job if you don't like the one your at. When we moved into our new apartment we have had so many problems like roaches and doors fallen off high water pressure. I can't belive that these people have the audacity to say these apartments are safe and well manitained. These ------- need to be condemed. I'm pay $659 a month for an apartment that should have an screened in balcony it's been almost two months and still no screen in proch. I DO NOT recommend moving here. FIND SOMETHING BETTER.I ------- hate this apartment and the people who run it they should be shot.
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Dominion on Lake Lynn

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