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Dominion on Lake Lynn



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/19/2007
Please come and make yourself at home in our lovely community. And please don't forget to "Wash your butt in our pool." We have two pools at this complex, one, which I call "The Zoo" for two reasons: 1. The element that hangs there and 2. The conditions of the location. In the morning shortly after the cleaning crew cleans up the slop from the day before, my next-door neighbor told me that the ducks and geese fly in, poop and wash their butts in the pool. There is a clubhouse next to the zoo with two bathrooms, a 24 hour laundry room, a weight room and cardio room (all of which thug life destroy after hours, you know how the riff-raff just love to vandalize that which they do not own... Especially in an area where they do not live. Remember- A dog never poops in his own doghouse.). Neither bathroom ever has toilet paper... After the ducks and geese do their business (about 11:00am), in come the mothers and toddlers, the latter who all swim in their diapers of course. The PWT (Po' White Trash), Thug Life and all the other riff-raff filter in about 3:00pm. The moms, toddies and people with stellar social skills like you and I, leave around this time. This is when the "muthaf***a dis an' muthaf***a dat," and "yo-yo ni**a" and you know the deal- Seize the joint and hold it hostage all night. And how convenient it is... Work out, break some of the equipment while you are at it and when finished forget taking a shower- Just hop in the pool! Oh, when you have to poop, the bathroom is right there. No toilet paper- No problem. Leave the poop in the toilet to share your gift with everyone else and go wash your butt in the pool. When you have to pee you are already in water- Pee in the pool! And don't forget to hock a good, deep, green loogie in the water. Jellyfish are part of the ecosystem too! There is a big, black iron fence around the joint to contain the element inside- Hence- "The Zoo." My next door neighbor, her husband and kids, neighbor downstairs and children and I have all refused to swim in that pool. Now all of us dub the pool "The Zoo." To make it worse, one day, early in the season, we went to the pool for a dip. When I was in the water I saw a vomit jellyfish upon resurfacing. Moreover, my friends had their toddies out for a swim. After the vomit jellyfish incident, I saw her daughter playing with an empty drinking water bottle. She then proceeded to uncap the bottle, fill it with the pool sludge and take a drink. That was it! To make a long humorous/sarcastic and for the most part appalling story short, this place has issues that can not be fixed and will not be fixed. The "Hood" in the middle of one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in North Raleigh. If and when Dominion needs to fill the apartments back up- $399 specials for a one-bedroom apartment- No criminal check required. All this costs us a mere $790 a month and we get the amenities of the Listeria/E. coliform pool and the "Broke fitness center." "Oh what a wonderful life!"
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Dominion on Lake Lynn

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