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Dominion on Lake Lynn



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/28/2008
I will be honest. When I moved into the apartments I didn't read the reviews. If I had read them of course I would have moved in. Besides being despart and in a hurry to move in I wouldn't suggest anyone to move in these apartments. First let me start off by saying that when going over these lease agreement I pacifically asked if it would be a problem to use the club house to host an event. I was told and ensured that it wouldn't be a problem. Well once I signed the lease it was a problem. Unforntually I could not rent it out. Before signing the lease I was told that if I refer anyone into the apartment I would get $100 dollars off my rent at the resident have stayed after 30 days. Unfortunally that was untrue as well. When I called to ask about the referral 10 days after my friend had moved in I was told they are still honoring the referral fee and to call back once 30 days. It is approoching 30 days and I call just to make sure and again I am told that will get 100 dollars off as a referral fee. 30 days come I call to check on the process and i was told that they are no longer doing that because under new management. Considering that they had been under new mannagement for going on 4 months. So as you can see they lie. They just tell you only what you want to hear. For the moment at least. Do not rent PLEASE! Also did I fail to mention that my apartment was raoch infested when I moved in and this was recent. Not years ago but nearly months ago. It took almost 2 months to get rid of the roaches. Just imagine living with roaches if your not used to it. Now some people may be used to roaches and living in a unconfortable enviornment. Which is why they tell that the property is so great and they love living here. 9 times out of ten those are the ones that can't afford an apartment any where else or because of there backgroud can't get an apartment any where else. There stuck; they feel great. Okay now where was I. The apartments itsself are very poor maintenced. They have holes all in the walls which is something that you don't really notice when touring the apartments. There are so many things to discuss about these apartments that can take all day explaing. i just hope that the next person that moves in reads these reviews and really take a closer look befire renting here. It is not worth your money believe me. And that manager I do believe the name is Tanya; will sell you nothing but wet dreams. Please don't believe nor trust her. Sorry I wrote so much but its the truth. They really needed to do some updating, renovating, and some cleaning house. If you know what I mean.
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Dominion on Lake Lynn

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