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Dominion on Lake Lynn



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2008
I moved into this complex in 2007. I was in a hurry and it was the cheapest place I could find in the area on short notice. Let this be a lesson that saving money can often mean sacrificing quality and service. Dominion on Lake Lynn is now the Reserve at Lake Lynn. When they changed management companies, they let go of all the nice people that used to work there. Those nice people were the only good thing they had going for them and now they have gotten rid of them. The people that work there now are rude, unwilling to help, incompetent, and, strangely enough, completely condescending. It disgusts me to have to deal with these people and know that part of my rent pays their salaries. In addition to a horrible staff, maintenance-which was never stellar-has taken a severe down turn. Any time something breaks in my apartment, I call the maintenance staff and try to get them to come out and fix it. If they do come out, they do a slack job. I would be better off fixing it myself. At least it would get done right and in a timely manner. With the old management company, they would power wash the outside of the buildings at least once a year. Not so with these new folks. The outside of the buildings are filthy. Walking up the stairs to my apartment, I am dodging cobwebs and debris. And the roaches! Don't even get me started. They are all over the place outside the building and on the stairs. I have to race them through the door so they don't get in. Little surprise when I find them in the apartment. I am a ridiculously neat and clean person, but if they are crawling all over the outside of the building, then it follows that they will be inside as well. And good luck to you getting the management to have someone spray for bugs. Disgusting. The "amenities" are a joke. The gym is pathetic. It's half a basement shared with the laundry facilities with very little equipment. What equipment they do have is old and in poor condition. I never felt safe in there either. I went to the pool maybe twice. The pool itself was always dirty and the chairs around it were uncomfortable. I never stayed for very long at the pool. The best thing about the complex is the access to Lake Lynn and while I lived there, a woman was attacked as she jogged around the lake. Big surprise--there are no lights and I wouldn't go walking by myself after that, even if I took my dog (a huge shepherd). That's why I decided to buy my own place. Now I come home and the house is clean and bug free inside and out. If something breaks, I fix it and it's done right. I never have to deal with completely lazy imbeciles. And best of all my mortgage is over $200 cheaper for my 2 bedroom house than the rent I paid for a 1 bedroom apartment. Goodbye Reserve at Lake Lynn. You will NOT be missed.
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Dominion on Lake Lynn

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