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Dominion on Lake Lynn



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lakestinks919 • Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2009
I came to Lake Lynn to enjoy a quiet, peaceful lakeside community. That's what I was sold when I moved here a while back... soon after they cut down all the trees, and began a lousy renovation process which has taken nearly a year. Staff has been rude... never notifies when your door might get randomly painted or when they might dump logs in front of your car (trapping you in!). They actually let the gangster paintes live at the Reserve for free... they guys would drink beer in the parking lot with their music blasting all night! Lake Lynn's response -> "just call the cops!".... reminded me of living in my 250/month college housing! Maintenance staff NEVER does a good job... always half ---, never completely repairs whats broken. My washer had to break four times to get a repair. Nearly everything in my apartment has broken, and staff had to be asked multiple times to get it fixed... in many cases the are hostile about getting things fixed (god help me if i need a working door that locks and closes!). Even the power infrastructure was bad, lights flickered everyday and repeatedly would black out during storms. Pray for a good neighbor as well... their noise policies aren't ever enforced. Check carefully when you move in as well, when I turned on my AC for the first time, the room clouded with dust so thick I had to open all the doors, I guess they don't believe in cleaning the filters for new tenants. So if your down for paying 500 /month for a apartment with rude staff who couldn't care less, living in a construction site, and supporting a gym which is constantly littered with beer cans and cigarettes... come enjoy the low quality living at the Reserve at Lake Lynn!
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Dominion on Lake Lynn

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