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Edwards Mill Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2002
At first, we were drawn to the community by the secluded location, the wooded area, the peaceful setting and the "seemingly" friendly staff. Yesterday, we received notice (a paper left in the handle of our door) that there has been a man reportedly peeking in windows. A week ago, there were 6 police cars on the property with no explanation to the residents. A call to the Raleigh police department revealed that they were investigating an abandoned house on an adjacent lot for "suspicious activity". We´ll be giving our notice to the management staff as soon as we find a new property. <br>Not one of the managers of the property live here, so how can they possibly say they´re "concerned" for our safety? They go home at night, for us, this is our home. We have small children, obviously it´s no longer in their best interest to live in this community. <br>In the year that we´ve lived here, we´ve seen a pool with peeling paint on it´s deck, the wood decking has scorched our children´s feet in the summer and this week, the pool has been a complete disaster. Complaints about the cleanliness of the pool get answered with: "One of the guys will vaccuum it as soon as possible". I wonder if they´ve thought to check the filtration system since there is hair floating in the pool and a greasy film on top of it. We´ve dealt with leaks in our ceilings, leaky faucets, outdated appliances, countertops that are coming apart and outdated cabinets. This is not one of the more "affordable" communities for it´s location and the very thing that makes it attractive (the "peaceful setting") now seems to be making it attractive to criminals. <br>After reading the other reviews, I´m discouraged to see that it´s not just my opinion that this property is steadily declining, that the office staff seems to think that being near Crabtree mall is all you need to make a property desireable. I´ll be reading through the other properties reviewed to try and find one that is safer for our family.
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Edwards Mill Village

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