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Grosvenor Gardens



Resident · 2004 - 2005
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Office Staff
The neighbors are very nice. The size and layout makes the utilities rather cheap. The laundry room is clean and has controlled access. And that's about all of the nice things I can say about this place.<br><br>The grounds look really nice (although the sidewalk is very difficult for walking) but what you don't often see is that there's a lot of pine straw. And pine straw means mice. They came into my apartment and all management did was shrug their shoulders. In addition, management did *nothing* about mold that popped up after Tropical Storm Jeanne came through. This, more than anything, was why I chose not to renew my lease.<br><br>I was at the back of the complex thinking I'd get away from the Hillsborough Street noise that way. Wrong. I got Morgan Street noise instead. There were also nights I could hear people moving around on the fire escape in the middle of the night. I never had the courage to check but I know that there was crime in some of the other apartments. Drugs are also present.<br><br>The utilities are cheap but the single-pane windows mean that it's next to impossible to get through the really hot or really cold times of year. There *will* be a draft.<br><br>You can't park any closer than at least a block from the apartments (there is a lot at the back but it requires walking around the entire building to access the front doors of the apartments). Be prepared to carry things a long way. If you get a space on Hillsborough Street, you have to move things up several steps.<br><br>This could be a nice place with decent management and maintenance. Unfortunately, it isn't.
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Grosvenor Gardens

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