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Ivy Chase



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
Ivy Chase has been nothing but complaint-worthy since I ve moved in. I m at the 10 month mark of my 12 month lease. Starting with move-in, they gave me the back room, and charged me more for it (because it supposedly has forest view, which is an awful view) despite my request for one of the available parking lot view rooms. They did not tell me that they did not have the apartment or roommate I requested until a couple weeks before my move in date. I had to nag the office in order for them to finalize plans for my move in.<br>The next problem was my assigned roommate. She was loud and disgusting, damaging my property, etc. When I contacted the front office about this they told me that I would need the cops to get involved in the illegal activity before they could evict her (this is not true, my roommate was in violation of my contract, and Ivy Chase could have evicted her without the illegal activity). Once I did get the police involved, the administration then told me that they would need my roommate convicted (also not true). They kept giving me the run-around for a month or so, even suggesting that I pay to move out early and hire movers of my own, until I went to the police and a lawyer and eventually threatened to sue the establishment for not fulfilling their contract.<br>As far as parking goes, there is no where near enough. There have been rape reports here, and often the only spots available are no closer than 500 ft. My mother is disabled and there s only one handicap spot within 500ft of my apartment, another 2 within 1500 ft, and as far as I know, none else exist. There are so few visitor spots that they re usually filled by 4pm; many of the visitor spots that were here when I moved in have been erased.<br>More on safety, I had a problem where my door would no longer lock. I put in a work order at the front office to have that taken care of, but after a month of constant nagging, I had the lock replaced myself. They haven t been notified of this and yet they haven t yet showed up. This is a problem when many cars have been broken into and one stolen, plus a rape having occurred here within the past semester. Also, my mother had asked for crime reports or information for the area and they refused to give her any.<br>They have also not yet fixed my dryer and A/C unit; they came once to repair the drier, which did work for one load, but is now again broken. Also, landscaping is nothing exciting and poorly taken care of, which is more of an issue because there are constantly beer cans strewn across the beds.<br>If you are looking into off campus apartments, Ivy Chase, as well as other student housing establishments, there is better out there. Ivy Chase supposedly offers a lot for a low price. Most of these companies assume you haven t lived anywhere else but a dorm and under your parent s roof and try to take advantage of this ignorance. Don t let them.
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Ivy Chase

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