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Ivy Commons



Prospective Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I'm writing from the perspective of a potential tenants to those interested in getting a place at Ivy Commons. The apartment complex looks wonderful, the rooms are spacious, but renters beware! The staff is probably some of the most difficult-to-deal-with human beings I have encountered. My roommate and I filled out our application and sent it in early March. We were told that we were sixth on the waiting list and assured that we would probably have a place to move into come August (we would hear back for sure in March). We were never called back. EVER. We called them about ten times over the next few months speaking to different people, each telling us that they couldn't give us a definite answer but (when we asked them if we needed to be looking elsewhere) were assured that the chances were VERY GOOD that we would find a place. The deadline for them letting us know was pushed back further and further. First to April 15th (we were "assured" that we would get a call then - nothing), then to May 1. By May 2nd, after hearing NOTHING, I finally called them again, and for the FIRST time, was told that we may not get an apartment afterwards - the first honest answer in two months. They had received more notices than renewals, we were told. We were told we would find out for sure on Monday. Don't hold your breath - Monday came and went with nothing. It was finally Tuesday when my roommate called back, begging for a straight answer and we were told that there was nothing available. Two months, 10 calls later, and a long run-around later, we get an answer. I was told that a message had been left on my phone (interesting, I never found it), and that there was no way they could have assured us that we would get a place because they didn't know. I've heard the same complaints about the staff from other tenants living there. The complex is wonderful but good luck if you need to call the staff. All we wanted was a straight answer - instead we are led on for two months. It's May, my roommate is headed out of the country and I out of town, and we have no place to live come August.
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Ivy Commons

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