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Kensington Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
Here is the lowdown: <br><br>Noise: I could always hear my neighbors, especially my downstairs neighbor who use to lift weights at 5:30 am EVERY morning. <br><br>Office Staff: Cooki was always sweet, but the others were not really helpful.<br><br>Maintenance: Pretty good. They always fixed everything quickly. Except when my tub backed up over the weekend (Friday night) and I was told that they wouldn't come out until Monday and I was advised to not use it....the kicker was that I only had one bathroom. And I had one occasion where my water heater leaked when I was out of town. They came in my apartment and fixed it when the neighbor below complained, but in the process of removing the bad water heater they totally ruined the carpet. There were huge water spots and it was starting to smell and just looked awful. When I called the front desk to let them know they said that it probably wasn't bad, but I would be responsible for any damage. I had to write a threatening letter for them to even have the carpets cleaned.<br><br>Bugs: No roaches were ever seen, but camel crickets were everywhere. I also think that the attic was infested with them because I always heard chirping, even in the coldest winter months.<br><br>Parking: My boyfriend's car was towed when he was dropping me off (10-15 minutes max). My roommate's car was broken into - window smashed and glass all over the place and not one person contacted us even though the maintenance workers or other tennants had to have seen something. When we called the front desk to inquire if anyone saw anything we were told that there was nothing they could do and to call the police. The kicker is that when they repaved the parking lot we received a call at 6:45 am to let us know that our cars were still in the parking lot and needed to be moved by 8. That service would have been great when the car was vandalized.<br><br>Finally...during the big ice storm of 2002 the power went off and like many, I spend days waiting for it to come on. The bad part...I lived on Tartan Circle, which is attached to a different electrical support from the rest of the complex. So literally I went without power for an extra two days while ALL of the buildings (except 3) had power. When I complained to the office and asked if they would do anything they said that it wasn't their problem. At the very least they could have prorated the rent or offered a hotel.
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Kensington Park

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