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Method Town Homes



Resident · 2009 - 2010
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
After dealing with the Preiss company this past year, I have come to the conclusion that they are incompetent, lazy, and rude. 1) Their accountants: never in my life have I spoken to such incompetent people. They could not adequately perform the basic function of their job. I had to explain to them numerous times why my ledger was wrong. Basically I had moved in in September (which was when my lease started) and they kept trying to charge me for the previous August's rent. Also, they had an online tool for paying rent, that was supposedly run by the accountants. They had an option to pay off your remaining balance, which I chose to do. However, the accountant who set up the system, apparently cannot perform the basic mathematical operation of addition. So when I thought I had paid off my entire rent, they had actually screwed up, and I ended up being two months short, which they failed to notice until I argued with them that an electrical overage bill for $250 was absurd for a two bedroom town house. (Instead of noticing that their head accountant had not calculated the remainder of my lease correctly, they simply charged me for the 2 months of electricity that I also had not paid since it was included in the rent -- again, THEIR mistake.) 2) They say they are friendly to students who need to "sublease" their apartments. However, only one person was able to help me with my needs, and only one person out of the entire office staff was ever willing to look up my account. All the other people flat out refused to take 2 minutes to look up my account and see whether or not I had any outstanding charges that I needed to take care of before leaving the country. Also, no one in the office seemed to understand that I did not have a co-signer, because they automatically assumed that as a student I would have to have one. Instead of speaking to me like an adult, they spoke to me like a child who has no idea about finances, when clearly it was I who was paying the rent all along, and not my parents. 3) After I finally was able to sublease the apartment to someone, and my responsibilities to the Preiss company were taken care of, they had the audacity to call me about electrical overages for the month after I had already moved out and their new tenant had moved in. It was laughable because their head accountant had already sent me a letter declaring that my ledger was at $0 and that I was no longer financially obligated to the Preiss company, and he had signed it. Therefore, I was no longer obligated to them and no longer a client of theirs. Also, they knew I was leaving the country and that they would not be able to reach me after a certain date -- they had been given a heads up about my departure date and were given ample amounts of time to get in touch with me if an issue arose. However, they attempted to get in touch with me two months after I had moved. I will never deal with the Preiss company again. If you enjoy being treated like an idiot, feel free to do business with them. However, I strongly advise that you check their accountants' records before moving, otherwise, they will "screw you out of money" simply by their ignorance. Their book-keeping methods are shoddy at best, and the office staff is generally rude.
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Method Town Homes

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