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Northstone Apartment Homes



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I have never had a problem that was not fixed or taken care of within a reasonable amount of time. I have lived in Northstone Apartments for over 5 years. My children love the convenient pool access and the gym use day and night. We just got a new maintenance man a few weeks ago that I noticed. I call him (the Speedy Gongolzes or Tazmanian -----). He gets the job done like no other I have seen. I would like to share my experiences with him and his name is Joe (just found out yesterday). Well I have two daughters away in college and when they come home they clean and redo the room they call home. Well during this clean they decided to rearrange some clothes and move things out (a lamp). This lamp was added to my living room and as soon as it was plugged into the outlet a black out the whole living, dinning, hall way, and kitchen complete darkness. I was frustrated and did not think it was an emergency (we had lights in the back part of the house) but the kids did so, I made the call not hopping for much so late at night and after hours. But here comes Joe to save my nightmare and restore light to my apartment. Apparently he lives on the property and is available to take care of anything that may arise with the tenets. This is great for me and I am sure for others as well. I have a pet which I love and I was out walking her around when I remember the girls did some spring cleaning and found some things that just needed to be repaired. I saw Joe working on the property. I called out to him and just by the way mentioned that I needed a few things replaced. His response was okay I ll get to it just leave a not with the office . Well in my mind that would be a few days or next week when he was not busy with other higher priority issues. Well I sleep late during the day and to my surprise a loud knock at my door the next day maintenance well here he come to do minor little repairs that could have waited. He made sure before he left that I knew they were working properly and left with a smile like it was what he loved to do fix things and make people happy . I have to say I really enjoy where I live and the attentiveness of the property manager. We have recently had new neighbors move in with children and our old playground was taken down due to damage. Well Joe and his family one Saturday built and restored a new one for the children and they love it. I hear them playing outside daily on the new gym. Well with children comes the added responsibility of safety. We have a small community with only 5 buildings but a lot of traffic and cars that go well to fast. I made a suggestions and I m sure others have to since the arrival of several children to the neighborhood. And now we will soon have speed bumps every few feet all the way around our buildings I am so excited about all of the hard work the staff here at Northstone are doing to make all of the residents safe and happy. I say happy because it is more than just being satisfied when it come down to your home it s not a restaurant you go to frequently you live here (get it :-)smile)!!!
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