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Six Forks Station Apartments

8501 New Brunswick Lane

Raleigh, NC 27615

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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
Where do we begin<br><br>In the beginning it was alright, with the exception of a few bugs here and there. Next came the people that moved in below us and complained repeatedly about us walking on the floor above until we were forced to move from our apartment.<br><br>They moved us into a first floor apartment, which from day one was the worst place I have ever been in.<br><br>1) The day we moved in, there was cobwebs, and ants, and spiders, and roaches everywhere in the apartment. All over the windows and in the corners. You would think that knowing new residents are moving in, they would maybe clean up a little bit.<br><br>2) There were/are bees nests everywhere around the outside of the door.<br><br>3) One of the lightsockets would short out and melt the end of any plug that was inserted in the wall.<br><br>4) The refrigerator door kept falling off.<br><br>5) The grabage disposal was broken and making weird noises.<br><br>6) The dishwasher door broke, and when unlatched, would fly down to the floor.<br><br>7) The plumbing underneath the kitchen sink leaked, and started to smell underneath. When asked to fix, all they did was replace the kitchen sink hose. Still leaked, and had to call them back to fix it. <br><br>8) The walls are paper thin and you have no privacy.<br><br>9) The fan in our bathroom broke.<br><br>10) My car was broken into, and the stereo was stolen. Was told that the police would be called, and security would be increased. Never saw any police officers at night patroling.<br><br>11) Pipe in our our master bathroom toliet busted and leaked about 150 gallons of water all throughout our apartment. Couldnt live in our apartment for 3 days.<br><br>12) After the flood, mold was forming everywhere around all the windows.<br><br>13) Was told from the office that they would take care of the electricity and water bill for the period of the flood, but they have since retracted that statement, and now will only pay the difference of the averages.<br><br>All this is all that I can think of for right now. I know that there is more too.<br><br>Overall a horrible experience, and I would hope that nobody live here after reading all of this.<br><br>On the PRO side of things... Chambliss who works in the office was very nice and pleasant to talk with and the one bright spot of the complex.
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Six Forks Station Apartments

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