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Sylvan Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
if there was a course of ------ living standards then Sylvan Park is the graduate course for its standard. Maintenence is the worst and does not seem to improve. Neighbors complain constantly but nothing gets fixed. Now when it does get fixed its more like the lowest standard of repair. Usually you will end up calling it in again in a few weeks. <br><br>Crime? Lets just say that between gunfire in the neighborhood behind this property and break ins you would do better just sleeping in your car. <br><br>Dog poop is all over the place and cleanup is never enforced. Litter is usually around the property but kept up. However shady residents just litter because they are just too ------. <br><br>Not as many college students here because the shady people more than likely scared them off. The place is very convenient to campus but walking down Marcom Street should come with a health warning; especially after hours. <br><br>The main office is the most unorganized in the business. No professionalism anywhere in the office or on the phone. If you call something in then just forget it. From my experience you are just better off letting a request rott until you move out. More than likely you will be stiffed from your security deposit. <br><br>Rent is now going way up due to some upgrades which after 30 years are much needed. The property added free WiFi for us but with the slowest speeds. Just go back on campus because its faster. The pool closes too early and the washer/dryer room is open to any felon that wants to use it. There is no security door for the laundry room at all. Thats right... no code or no key. Just walk in and steal or get stabbed. The property does not seem to care. At least the police show up often after hours. Either to serve eviction notices or to draw chalk around the body from the laundry room stabbing. <br><br>You could not renew my lease even if it were free for another year. This place is horrible and does not seem to improve. Thank god my lease has ended. Once I move out my next task is to slap my mom really hard for talking me into living here.
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Sylvan Park

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