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The Seasons at Umstead



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2005
Ive lived in apartments for 25 years and believe me if you pay your rent on time, don't play your music to loud, or just in general follow the rules of the community chances are you'll have a positive experience with most of these management companies.<br><br>Ive always found the staff here to be very friendly but I don't look for them to be my keeper. I pay for a service and for the most part they live up to my expectations. Theyre not perfect as I surely don't expect them to be. <br><br>I will pay my rent on time, follow the rules and be responsible for my own actions. I don't expect maintenance at my door 10 minutes after I call in an issue which sometimes it appears they arrive before I can hang up the phone, not always but Ive been very pleased with there response time so far. I can't expect everything to be fixed the same day but can expect proper communication about time frames of the completeion of my concern.<br><br>Want to know what surprises me? I walk my dog like 4 times a day. There a lot of pet lovers on this property, I know this because you can always find them in front of there building or just off the sidewalk to the entrance. I'm fully aware that there are also people living here that don't have pets and surely shouldn't be surprised everytime they walk into the grass.<br><br>I'm amazed of the lack of personal resposibility people that live in apartments seem to have. I surely don't expect management to clean up after my dog or myself. I see them out there everyday picking up trash and don't wonder where it all comes from. <br><br>For every negative comment Ive read on this site about management I can supply you with 3 times the negatives about my neighbors and there obvious lack of personal responsibilty.<br><br>Yes I would reccommend these apartments to anyone, not because it's perfect but because it's acceptable.
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The Seasons at Umstead

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