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VERT at Six Forks



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vabound • Resident 2001 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
During my stint at Riverwoods, management changed several times and the transition was not smooth for the residents. Broken promises were made by the manager and assistant manager. Maintenance during emergency off hours had to be called several times for service. When it rained hard, water would pour down the walls inside the apartment townhouse and come up thru the concrete floor, padding and carpet. The problem was never fixed. They would put tarp over the fireplace and smack a little tar on the roof. Bugs were horrible. Big wood roaches or water bugs would come from the vents, closets and under the sink. Insulation was bad. Cold in winter and hot in summer. Power bills were $200.00 a month easily in a one bedroom townhouse. Drucker and Faulk lied regarding lease agreements, did not inform the community of shootings, burglary, drug dealings, car break-ins and other criminal activity. They just painted to make it look presentable. Rent went up drastically every year unless you complained, then they would work out a deal with you. Parking was bad on the weekends. Worse each year until I had to find a nicer, safer place to live.
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VERT at Six Forks

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