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Lakewood Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
my boyfriend and I lived on the 1 bdrm/studio side of the lake for just under two years and moved out in 2010. The management staff was nice, but the maintenance was often rude, giving attitude when we requested to do a job, such as fix a broken shower. For a while it was quiet, since no one lived around us (they wisely left) until a new tenant who apparently had ZERO background check moved in. Instantly our entire apartment, mainly the closet and bathroom, smelled of pot and other illegal substances. Parties happened at all hours of the night, and the best part... Randomly, this person would shoot guns off into the woods behind our complex in the middle of the night. It became so bad I was scared to leave my apartment alone, or even be inside it. The staff came to investigate the "smell" and when we said it came from downstairs they knocked on the door and did nothing more. At one point our vehicle was broken into, and the radio was stolen out of the car. People often just hung around, usually not being a resident which caused more concern. Also, do not move here if you don't want geese around. It seems during any time of near warmth about 50 geese make this place home and leave their droppings all over, as well as block the road. There are also large fights that occur in the parking lot, which include cops being called, yet these people seem to face no consequences from the complex itself. I cannot count the number of drug deals I saw happen just outside our window. I have never been more fearful to leave my place of living, or so much as look outside a window, as I did at this place.Never again would I live here. The price is not worth the sad state of those apartments, and it seems to go up every time.
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Lakewood Apartments

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