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Fourth Creek Landing



Resident · 2008 - 2012
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Office Staff
This used to be an amazing complex to live in that was well kept and very safe. However, since new management came in the spring of last year, it has gone down hill fast. They immediatly raised rent which caused a lot of good, quiet, people to move out. The old manager was picky about who came into the complex, but this management company lets anyone in and it is not as safe, or as quiet. They have not taken care of the property at all. The buildings are disgustingly dirty, the siding is literally falling off, the parking lot is a disaster, lots of termite damage, and they used to exteriminate every month, but now only do it every 6 months so there are bugs and spiders everywhere. Watch where you walk as dogs have overtaken the place and people don't have the courtesy any more to clean it up! I used to feel like I lived in a tight knit community of quiet professional people, as there used to be a lot of teachers, cops, and nurses there, and now I feel like I live in the projects. There is screaming and yelling outside all the time, people digging through the trash, etc. One resident told me that I don't even want to know what goes on at night while I am sleeping and he comes home from work. There is no fitness center or laundry rooms, but there are laundry hook-ups in the apartments and a fitness center within walking distance. They offer cable, which used to be excellent with all the premium channels, but new management did away with that deal. We've been told we were getting a redbox (never happened), new siding (never happened), new patio doors (never happened), etc. The best thing is that it is conviently located.
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Fourth Creek Landing

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