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East Park Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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I am writing this review for my daughter in hopes that another family does not suffer what has happened to us. My daughter is a single Mom and moved into the apartment after being left on her own by her ex-husband. The unit needed some cleaning when she moved in, but it wasn't too bad. The issues she had were with maintenance. The AC unit flooded the downstairs on 3 separate occasions. On another occasion the unit next to her flooded and ran into her unit. The carpets were ruined. The upstairs bathroom had leaks in the toilet and tub. The leaked resulted in ruined flooring and underneath the sink. Fast forward to the move-out nightmare they are causing her. My wife and I cleaned the unit from top to bottom since my daughter had the babies and could not handle them and cleaning. Besides, we clean for a living and know what we are doing and do a very professional job. The unit was very clean when we turned it in. We didn't just do a surface cleaning, we did windows, baseboards, EVERYTHING! The carpets were vacuumed but due to the flooding they were stained and though clean, they looked bad downstairs. The upstairs carpets were good. The walls in some of the rooms needed to be touched up or repainted. I did patch all holes and prepare the walls for painting so it would not be too time consuming for the maintenance man or whomever had to paint. Our daughter turned in her keys and did the walk through with the on-site manager. The comment was made by the manager that it was very clean for a move-out. No mention was made of anything bad about the unit. On the move-out inspection sheet the floor coverings in some rooms were marked as needing cleaning. The walls were marks and needing replacing (Paint). That was the last we heard until this week. My daughter received a statement from the main company for the management company stating she owed them over $1500 after the deposit was applied. $90 for cleaning which was a joke because the unit was spotless. Strip and Seal VCT $175. I assume that mean the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. $159 to replace the upstairs vinyl in the bathroom. First of all, it didn't need replacing. This is the vinyl where the leak was, not my daughter's fault they did not fix it. The vinyl was about 3 x 6. No way it cost $159 to replace that. $422 for painting. That seems close to what it would cost. Then the big one. Carpet replaced: $1196!!! First of all. Only the downstairs needed replacing. That was due to the flooding of the AC ubit and from the same thing in the neighboring unit that ran into my daughter's unit. That should not be charged to my daughter since it was not her fault. The downstairs that did need replacing was about 10 x 12. There is no way the cheap carpet they use in their units could cost that much. I have contacted the main office and requested copies of all the receipts for the materials used in the above charges. I will compare them to the actual cost at the store. I am a licensed NC Real Estate broker and know the law. This will not be dropped until we are satisfied with the actual expenses of the repairs. In closing I would like to say that if this has happened to you or a family member, do something about it. They will not stop trying to extort money from single Mom's or the disadvantaged until we stand up to them. I will post the result of this issue when it is resolved. I will post my contact info or the contact info of any lawyer we have to hire to handle this situation so you can get your issue resolved as well. Other than that, the manager is very hard to contact. She works very few hours and does not usually answer the phones. I have been in her office when the phone rings and she ignores it. Not trying to be unkind, but she is very lazy as stated in another review of the property. Olease be very careful if you are thinking of renting here. I know it may be your only option, but tale lots of pictures and document EVERY problem so they can not lie later and say the unit was dirty when it was not.
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