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Woodfield Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2020
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Office Staff
This is a wonderful place if you like your apartment smelling like someone else's ashtray all while management not only does nothing about it, but blames you for having to constantly complain. I have never been so infuriated by someones lack of concern and action. I've lived here for over 6 years and 3 of those years I've dealt with intense cigarette smoke smell in my apartment from the chain smokers who live below me. I not only suffer from asthma but also have an allergy to smoke smell that results in migraine headaches. In the dead of winter I have had to open my windows to clear out the smell. Every time I complain, management says they will "talk" to them. This results in them occasionally sending a letter to the tenants which does absolutely nothing. Finally after 2 winters of torture, management set a rule of no smoking in the apartments. Did that stop them, of course not. I continue to complain only to be met with such ridiculous responses from management. I've been told that the tenants below are tired of getting letters. I've been told that maybe it's time for me to get a house. I've been told I can always move out. I'm supposed to make a major change in my life and move out of my home because of the actions of someone else. Someone who is now breaking the rules of the complex!! I've gotten incredibly upset, as this is now affecting my health, and I've been told to calm down and leave her office. I'm amazed at how this just doesn't seem to get through to any of these people. I may as well be talking to a wall. I honestly think that management just doesn't want to do anything. I think she has been in the job for so long that she just doesn't care and doesn't want to confront anyone. She wants things to just go smoothly all while I'm living in a nightmare in my home. One moment she'll say that she believes and the next moment she says she doesn't see how this could happen. I've asked her to come into my apartment to see for herself and she refuses. Frustration is not a strong enough word for what I have dealt with with these people. Not only the smokers but management as well. I've had nights of waking up at 3am to my bedroom smelling so strong of smoke that I've had to cover my face to try and get any decent sleep. Yet I'm treated as the bad guy rather than the victim. This is a very quiet neighborhood, people keep to themselves and it's been a great place to live otherwise. The rent is reasonable and maintenance is responsive. This is just another reason why I can't understand the way I've been treated by all of these people. If the roles were reversed and I were partying every night, keeping other tenants up, I would be evicted in no time. Yet I can be tortured by someones bad habit, in my apartment, and management will do nothing. Even now that these people are breaking the rules. I'm just at my absolute wits end with this place.
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Woodfield Oaks Apartments

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