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34 North Apartments



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Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/08/2006
I had been living at this property fro almost 3 yrs. It was OK when I first moved in, but the manager left and the assistant manager Cindy Farr took over, thats when things got worse. The property had been taken over 3 times by different management companies. ( That should tell you something right there ) Cindy is by far the worst manager of a rental property that I have ever dealt with. She lies all the time to get you off her back. If you need some maintenance done in your apartment, forget it! I had mold coming through my ceiling, an exposed electrical outlet and a broken window from one of the hurricanes. I kept requesting that these things be repaired, and all I kept getting was the runaround. She keep coming up with excuses, ( we can only deal with people we are contracted through, we have to order the part and wait for it to come ) finally, I called the City of Wilmington Code enforcement and they came out to inspect my apartment. He was appalled by what he saw. He told her if she didn't fix the problems within 2 weeks, they would be fined a large sum of money. Well, wouldn't you know, everything of fixed within a couple of days. Also, if you have problems with neighbors, she will tell you to call the police, b/c she wants no involvement. I had neighbors next door to me selling drugs and let her know several times and all she could say was to call the police. <br>Also, don't live near the pool b/c they don't lock it and college kids are swimming in there at 4:oo am in the morning. And all she said was to call the police. I got so sick of calling the police, all they did was come out and chase the people out of the pool. But she never did a thing about it. She put up a sign with the pool hours and a no tresspassing sign, but that never helped. She never did anything to find out who was swimming in the pool at the middle of the night and they even had on property maintenance that lived directly across from the pool. When it was time to renew my lease for the 2nd time, she kept sending me letters to renew. Then all of the sudden she decided she did not want to renew my lease (b/c of the code enforcement thing I believe) Well, she dug herself a hole b/c I had copies of the letters she sent asking me to renew. Her response was, Oh, I didn't know about those, they're computer generated. Well, don't you know what the hell your putting on peoples doors. So, I did renew my lease for a second year. The reason I wanted to stay is b/c I had just moved from a 3rd floor apartment from across the street to a better apartment (with a view) a year earlier which was also on the 3rd floor. So I didn't want to go through the hassle of moving again. Well, this year, she decided no to renew my lease again. I never got any of those so called computer generated mistakes. She told me the reason she was not renewing my lease was b/c my rent was late. I do agree with that b/c I was running late for about 4 months. But it was always paid! Well, I finally moved into a great duplex. But let me mention this, She sent me a final statement charging me a misc income of 25.00 (with no explanation) And also put the reason I left the community was b/c I was evicted for non-payment of rent which was a total lie. First of all, I was never evicted and second of all I was late with my last 4 rent payments. I have never not paid my rent. Also, I found out the additional 25.00 was for not turning in the laundry card. I called and spoke with the asst mgr. who is a ditz. I told her I still had the laundry card and would turn it in. She said, Oh no its to late, It was supposed to be turned in when you moved out. We can't do anything about it b/c that was the final statement. After some arguing, she said, I didn't send that letter, Cindy did, trying to get out of it. Well, I will be taking Cindy to small claims court if she does not remove that fee and also take off the lie she claims is the reason for not renewing my lease. <br>IF YOU WANT PROBLEMS LIKE THIS, DO NOT SIGN A LEASE THERE! YOU WILL TRULY REGRET IT!!!!<br>p.s. The property is not in great shape either. You need to watch out for all the roaches crawling on the stairwells at night. They are all over the place in the summer.<br>
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34 North Apartments

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