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Meridian at Fairfield Park

4605 Fairview Road

Wilmington, NC 28412



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Office Staff
Verified Resident 617521 2016 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/20/2019
I submitted a service request on March 4th about a leak that was causing the carpet in my closet to be soaked through. A dehumidifier was placed in my closet and when I brought up that it wasn't fixing anything, that the leak itself needed to be fixed first, I was told that it was. Nothing appeared to have been done, so when I asked what had been done I did not receive a clear answer other than that it was "fixed". I waited another week while the leak spread throughout my closet and then into my bedroom on the other side of the bathroom. Finally, they brought a plumber in to cut holes in the wall and removed my entire vanity and sink. In the process, they let my cat out of my apartment. I did find her outside, but this led to great distress as well as lack of trust in the competency of Meridian at Fairfield Park. A decision was made on behalf of Meridian at Fairfield Park that I would be moved to another apartment. In the process, the office staff I dealt with, ------------------------------, were not apologetic nor helpful to the point that they should have been under this circumstance. They acted as though they were doing me a favor throughout the entire experience. I had to fight for compensation and I don't feel that I was compensated enough. ---------- insisting that they had no idea there was an issue with the apartment, which seemed suspicious because I never accused anyone of knowing there was an issue with the apartment. After speaking with my neighbor a couple days later, I discovered that the previous tenant of 2-114 did indeed also have an issue with leaking in her bathroom that was not ever fixed properly. So it turns out that this issue was known and a new tenant (myself) was moved into the apartment without the leak being fixed properly. I was also told more than once that normally during a transfer the tenant would be responsible for paying both rents. The fact that this was even brought up to me is absolutely ludicrous. I did not want to move and they kept saying things like this implying that they were doing me a favor when in reality I was at a huge inconvenience with having to move just 2 months after having moved in and my cat was also let outside. I feel that they were extremely unprofessional and quite frankly rude throughout all of this. I've heard several other people have also had issues with leaking and flooding and it has not been taken care of. It's embarrassing that the complex is charging such high rent prices for apartments that are unfit to live in. I would never recommend any of the Bell Apartment complexes to anyone after all of this. I will say that ---------------- has been really great any time I've ever needed anything at all though.
Meridian at Fairfield Park Manager04/02/2019

We are so sorry for all of your inconvenience and trouble! We appreciate that you are a returning resident and we're glad we were able to move you to a different apartment home. We are so grateful your kitty is safe! We promise to try harder in the future and hope we can regain your trust. Have a nice day! - Meridian Management

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Meridian at Fairfield Park

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