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Park at Three Oaks



Resident · 2011 - 2015
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Office Staff
Awoken this morning at 8 am ( it's Saturday ) by mowers and blowers doing landscape. Since when did they come at 8am on Saturdays ?!!! There is TRASH all over the grounds . I've seen the same ziploc bag and paper towel remnants by building 112 for TWO weeks . Guessing this new maintenance guy , Stan, was never trained by our reliable Bill that picked up trash every day . I've never even see this new guy ...He's never here early and he certainly doesn't stay late ! One of our church friends had raw sewage spilling out in front of his building and there was toilet paper and human waste in the parking lot for DAYS .No one came out to power wash or spray it off he and his wife said . For a grand a month , well, that's just obscene . The pool is big enough for you to wash your feet in and that's about it and far from " luxury " . These are about 15 years old , the granite is pieced together , cabinets too heavy for hinges , landscaping ... Looks like high schoolers put it together . The bushes are cut way back , the grass is sad , but the rent starts at $925 . Popcorn ceilings and white appliances ... White appliances people . No one has white appliances anymore . The new weekend girl is an idiot and rude if she answers the phone at all . Sure didn't all day today . Called several times . Guy across the way outside playing some instrument half naked on warm days and feeding stray cats . My neighbor's blinds caught on fire and melted and another guy has a sheet for curtains . Been that way for months . We are just wondering what's happened here ? Who moved in the trashy people ? When are they moving out ? The 4 stars are for the manager ... The other girl gets a negative 5 . The maintenance gets a negative 5 . The half naked man gets a negative 5. In 2016 there will be a negative 2 living here as in we are moving out .
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Park at Three Oaks

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