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Ashton Oaks



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2005
This place has turned into the slums!!! There is trash everywhere!!! It takes 4 or 5 requests to get something fixed. The roof will leak at the first sign of rain and it will never get fixed. I don't know what the manager's job is but she is never in the office or if she is you can hear her say..."I don't have time for this, you handle it" and she throws it off on one of the other staff. Bugs are everywhere and if you want to enjoy the criminal element after hours, then come on in. When my lease is up I am out of here. I hear that Northcliffe has been bought and only God knows what will follow. My apartment looks aweful and nothing like what I saw in what I saw when I was looking. The pool is often dirty, the business center NEVER allows me to handle BUSINESS. The bathrooms look aweful, and the exercise center is substandard. Me and my neighbor's talk and we are slowly but surely moving OUT. I hope the manager gets fired, all she does is drive around in her lexus but doesn't do anything to improve the property. But she has improved, she went from a Maxima to a lexus after being here less than a year. Well we know where the money in the budget does go!!! Must be nice.
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Ashton Oaks

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