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Former Resident · 2003 - 2007
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One doesn't have to look too far when one enters the driveway to go up to Ashton Oaks to start figuring out that this is one complex that isn't well cared for. Perhaps the first clue would be the massive tree that has fallen onto one of the apartment buildings. This tree blew over several months ago and there has been no attempt to remove it from on top of the building. Perhaps another sign is the poorly kept grounds. For a period of several weeks early this summer the grass grew up to my waist and it really looked like a field all throughout the complex. The shrubs have all grown out and the branches block many of the sidewalks. Perhaps the most disturbing sign that something is very badly amiss here is as of yesterday there was a 12' high wall of trash in the garbage area where the dumpster from Waste Management used to be. The garbage bags had flowed over into the driveway and the smell was terrible. The management did not notified the residents of why this had happened nor gave us any time frame for when this massive problem would be resolved. Speculation has been that the management had refused to pay for trash service. The residents who might hope to take a refreshing dip in the pool to help them forget the health hazard of a garbage dump just outside their door will find that the pool is closed. Indeed, it had turned a bright unhealthy green two weeks ago, which was an indication that the chemicals that were needed to keep it clean had not been added. Again, the speculation is that the management has refused to pay the cost for the chemicals and decided to just close the pool. This is a terrible place and I hope some folks read this and this review can help them not make a big mistake by moving in here.
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