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The Enclave at North Point



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Office Staff
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Reviewed 06/25/2012
Ok... this place keeps sending notices about whole bunch of things, but they have NEVER followed through. There was once a notice stating $50 fee for every instance of litter, but it's everywhere and getting worse. People throw their trash, fast food wrappers, food leftovers, dirty diapers (seen it), used condoms (seen it), coal from grills, and anything else you can think of anywhere they want and no one does anything. They keep talking about picking up after your pets, but how about all these people they don't pick up after themselves??? Also as a single female living alone I do not feel as safe as I used to. I have had a guy starting at me multiple times trying to hide in the shadows while I am just smoking a cigarette outside and there are ALWAYS extremely creepy people walking around at all hours of the night. They have "security," but they do nothing and they kicked all the cops out of the place that used to live here. This place just keeps getting worse, so unless you like seeing other people's trash everywhere and like being watched by creepy dudes do NOT move here. Also what place suddenly gets 13 positive ratings on the same day, that sound a lot alike? Look at 5/15 and make your own conclusions.
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The Enclave at North Point

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