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Blue Champagne Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
The apt is by an elementary school and so occasionally there is not much parking availability. The parking is on street and isn't too bad usually. There are trees around it and you can turn the light on from the inside but otherwise it's not on. The doors to the actual apartments could be easily kicked in, even with a dead lock and chain. The laundry units are in the basement and free, which is nice but the machines are old and take forever especially the dryer. It's not too noisy but like i said, there is a school nearby and on occasion the marching band decides to practice at 7 am during the summer. The building isn't really kept up as far as appearance. The apt needs painting on the outside. I painted my own apt when I moved in. They supplied the paint but refused to reimburse me for my time...which the apt desperately needed. The appliances and sinks are at least 20 yrs old but still work. The apartments also smell old and musty...although I tried very hard to change that. All of my clothes smell musty after just leaving them in the closet. The apt is located near the downtown area which is nice as far as driving but as far as safety goes, I really wish the apts were locked and secure from the outside...anyone could walk in to the building itself. The maintenance guy has to turn the heat on and off and so you really have no control over it and has an air conditioning unit that doesn't really cool much at all. The service level is adequate. They are quick to help with that and fix stuff but halfway... Ex. If you were to tell them that the tile was coming up off the floor, they would be quick to just use duct tape or a screw. They are very nice though...I'll give them that. Overall, the smell is really what drove me out and I don't think I was paying for a quality living area and it was somewhat expensive. They also stayed very on top of snow removal and mowing grass.
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Blue Champagne Apartments

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