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Blue Champagne Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
After living in the apartments for a year and a half I have had more than my share of issues with them. Let me begin with the problems. One minor issue in the whole list is issue of parking. There is none during the day as there is a school right by the apartments. I have received numerous parking tickets because of there being no parking spots available all around the block. The handyman likes to barge in, even when you tell him you just a second. And even though he supposedly fixed the handles on my sink the one handle you could lift off without a problem. I also had problems with the fridge in which I lost all the food in my freezer, twice, and was not reimbursed for all my food lost either time. Again a minor issue, when you consider I have had mice in the apartment twice. Both times I found mice droppings in my KITCHEN UTENSIL drawer!! To give them some credit they did come put Decon in the apartment, however when I told the landlord I had mice he said he knew that would happen and knew where they were coming in, then why wasn't it taken care of before...not to sure. I have also had water seep in through the one wall in the living room because the crack between the cement and outside wall was so large that when it rained the water came gushing right in and right into my apartment. I also have a mold problem in the bathroom. There is mold on the shelves and there is carpet in the bathroom...odd I know...but the carpet will stay wet for days after taking a shower so I can guarantee there is mold or rot under the carpet there. The tub also has had countless problems with not draining and you end up standing in knee deep water for the duration of your shower. To top all of this off when I decided to move out I had nothing but problems with them jerking me around. I was told that if I moved out the last day of the month, which I had paid for, that I would also have to pay for the first 3 days of the next month since the landlord would be out of town and couldn't do the check in the day after I moved out. They didn't take into account that I had nothing but problems with them and the apartment and were very unwilling to work with me. At the time I was also 6 months pregnant and would not stay there any longer with the mold and smell issues. This whole experience was a horrible one and one that I would not wish upon anyone!!
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Blue Champagne Apartments

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