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Blue Champagne Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. The apartment was located on the top floor of a house which was divided into 3 apartments. The entire apartment needs to be updated and renovated. In my opinion, the house should be torn down. Let me start with the disgusting smell- it was awful and musty and no matter how much I tried I couldn't make it better. After I moved out I had to rewash all of my clothes. All of the windows needed to be replaced and I feared many times that they were going to fall out of the walls. There was a hole in the wall and rotting wood in the bathroom that they conveniently covered up by putting in an over the toilet shelf. The bathtub was a claw foot tub and make-shift shower with pvc pipe and wired on shower head. The only way to keep water off the floor is to get two shower curtains to put on both sides and even then it was a challenge. The only appliances supplied was an OLD gas stove and a fridge. The laundry was down the street in a basement of another apartment so I just took my clothes to the laundrymat. I also had an insect problem. I started to find little bug larvae or eggs around my windowsills and eventually started seeing very large beetles around. I took the eggs in a ziploc bag to show the landlord and he did have the apartment exterminated, but that did not help. I ended up sweeping and scrubbing my floors every night and sprayed everything with a bleach solution. I had a lot of problems with him and the maintenance guy just coming to my apartment without warning or even knocking, sometimes I would be home and others I wouldn't. They would come to put in the air conditioner, take it out, or do other maintenance things. One time he called me at work and told me he fixed my drainage problem in my bath tub (which I had not informed him about yet). I had no idea he was even in my apartment or why he would have a reason to go there. I did express my concern over this and told him I need a phone call before he plans to come over. He did not always adhere to this. When I moved out I cleaned the place top to bottom better than I ever had before for an apartment because I figured he would be a stickler. He decided that it wasn't good enough and made me buy his cleaning supplies and made me redo some things while he watched me. He also gave me a list of his rules to clean and cleaning supplies to use before I moved out. The bottom line is that these were very uncomfortable living conditions and I would NEVER rent from his properties ever again.
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Blue Champagne Apartments

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