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Blue Champagne Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
To start off I am a college student who was looking for an affordable apartment to live in for the fall semester. Every time I called there I could never speak to the landlord himself, instead a very grumpy old lady. I had called and made an apointment but had to cancel because a family issue had come up. They had gotten very mad at that for some reason and was out of my control, but I had rescheduled and finally got to Bismarck and looked at the apartment. Rich (landlord) seemed very nice at first. I'll give him that. When we went to go look at the apartment upon seeing it, it looked very run down and the 1930's sunbleached pink paint needed to desperatley be painted over. There was cracks all over the outside of the building and the building was relatively small. At first it had almost turned me off right there before I had even enetered the apartment, but I thought hey, I'll give it a shot as I didn't have many options. When we got in it smelt of cigarettes and must. Everything in the apartment was outdated and it looked as if upkeep was minimal. Seeing how small the building was it seemed as if only 3 or 4 apartments could fit in there. I asked him how many and he told me 10. Woah, that was way too many for that small of building. Well we went back and I, despite all my gut feelings, decided to go with the apartment. When it came time to signing he would not let me read the contract myself and instead treated me as a 3rd grader and read it for me then told me if I did not sign it right now he was going to show it off to other people who were supposedly coming to look at it right after me. So I gave him my $400 for deposit and signed it. They were not willing to work with me at all when it came time to getting a cosigner. My mom has wonderful credit score and was willing to cosign but she lived out of state. His assistant was very moody on the phone with her and told her off. Well after I told him I had no other option and I wanted my $400 back and I'll take my business elsewhere he caved in and told me I needed no cosigner. Just to give him my credit report. I had set up another meeting to give him that but had to cancel because my school had cancelled my apointment that day to to get books. Well I am not made of money so I told him I could tomorrow, he was very rude but agreed. On my way there they had told me (without my consent or knowledge) they had run a credit report on my father and I had to pay them for that ($25). I was already on the highway and told them I had no cash so theyd have to wait till I give them Septembers rent too in a few days. His assistant said that was fine. I left thinking ends were getting tied. I called him the next day telling him I had given her my credit report and he freaked out on me saying he wasn't going to rent to me and that I cannot get my deposit back then had hung up on me without letting me speak. I had called him back and told him he had no right to keep my money as he had not held the apartment for me at all and had not lost any rent money for holding it and if he does not give me my money back I would be filing in small claims court. It was only until extreme measures as that, that he agreed to give me my deposit back. Rich and Sherry were both extremely rude throughout this whole process and reading these reviews am very glad I am not renting from these people and highly recomend not.
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Blue Champagne Apartments

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