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Hancock Place Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
The good: The building is nice, and comfortable environment. Like living at a nice hotel. Tami the manager is very nice, and down to earth, and you will enjoy meeting her. The people are friendly, very nice neighbors, 50% of them are quiet senior citizens, and we enjoy that. The apartments are clean, I have seen no bugs, not even a spider. The maintenance man, is kind, and quick at completing work orders, and somehow, manages to keep the sidewalks clean in the harsh ND winter. They are pet friendly, and that is rare now days, nobody wants to allow pets anymore. Tunnels, that connect to other buildings. I have been down there once, but have no real reason to use them daily. Free heat... Crank it up. Free AC... Crank it up. Free water... Take as many, and as long, hot showers as your family wants. Free garage, with automatic door opener, with free electric in garage, so plug your car in, and if you have a heater plug that in too.. Plug ins for your car at the parking spaces in front of building. Building is in a nice quiet area. Free laundry, do as many loads as you like for free. The bad: The huge windows are drafty, really drafty, one of our neighbors has plastic over her windows, we do not. But that is to be expected with a 100 year old building. The heat is free, so we just crank the heat up, and kept the furniture away from the windows. The pipes are loud, we hear them bang and rattle, and water running in the pipes at all hours day and night. Every time the people upstairs flush the toilet, bang whoosh, rattle rattle. Again, to be expected in such an old building. It could be worse. The laundry is free, however, there are 2 washers, and 2 dryers for the whole building. So you will be fighting for one. I have spent a whole day off waiting for one to open up. I finally got to do my laundry, at around 10pm. The dryers, dont heat well, so you have to dry things twice. The dishwasher is tiny. It's the size of a garbage disposal, so you will be doing multiple loads each day, and use double or triple the amount of soap and electricity. And its really loud, so you will be listening to it growl. No assigned parking out front, so its a gamble if you will get a spot. If we dont get one, we park in the garage. Either way, you can plug your car in for free. The rent is really high. 800 per month. I know this is politically incorrect to say, but that keeps the riff raff out, or at least keeps them busy working to pay the high rent. No dining room, or area, and the kitchen is tiny. To sum it all up. We like it here. No building is perfect, you have to weigh all the pros and cons of each building, and this one definitely wins. Grafton doesn't have a lot to choose from, especially when you have a pet. So with the options available, this is the nicest place in town. The rent is double what anybody else would charge. For what they charge, if you were in Grand Forks, or Fargo, you would have stainless appliances, and granite counter tops, and nicer cabinets, things like that. But, we arent in the city, we're in Grafton. We like it here. We plan to stay for quite some time to come. But the high rent, and issues with the old building, gives us incentive, to actively shop for a house to buy. I am happy with the decision we made to lease with Hancock Place. I wouldn't change a thing. We enjoy living here, and with all of the positives about living here, it is easy to over look the cons. We shall see how the rest of the stay goes, but we moved here for a job, and have lived here for only one month. These are things I have noticed living here, in that short amount of time. As honestly as I can be.
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Hancock Place Apartments

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