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French Village Apts



Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
My daughter has had to Live there for about 2 year's and the Manager has been very rude and hateful to her to the point that she would call me and she would be crying and very upset by what the Property manager had said to her. making her feel like a failure when she is not she works hard to Provide for her and her 2 children. When something with tear up in the apartment she would be blamed for it when it was obviously not on her if the pipes would leak they would blame her and try to make her pay a lot of money she did not have. They would take pictures of us when we would come over to visit and they would take pictures of my daughter and her kids when she would leave or come home. Which to me is a violation of her privacy if she took her dog out to use the bathroom they would take pictures of her. There were people playing loud music and little kids running around on attended by an adult late at night. If you did not Fit the profile that the property manager wanted Then they would Put notices every week on your door charging you for something would not let my grand kids play outside if she did she would get fined. I would not recommend anyone to live in that type of a veyron. I know if you have nowhere else to go you really don't have a choice but if there is anyway For you to find somewhere else to live I would highly recommend doing that. I don't even feel comfortable going to see my grand kids are my daughter because people would take my picture and I feel violated.
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French Village Apts

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