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Southwind Villas

9501 Brentwood Drive

La Vista, NE 68128



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/15/2004
Couldn't wait to move out of this place. <br>It looks great..and all is new.<br>I liked the lay out. <br>I didn't like having to pull 16 roofing nails out of my drive way when I moved in. <br>I froze to death in the winter. <br>Thermostat was set on 85 and the fireplace going and a blanket over the door and was still having to wear sweats. <br>I could have kept meat frozen by keeping it on the counter instead of the freezer.<br>When I called for maintenance requests I was treated like a drama queen who expected too much from a NEW property.<br>The toilet wouldn't not flush properly and it wasn't because I plugged it. <br>When I called maintenance at 10pm I was asked if it could wait til morning. <br>"umm with one bathroom...could YOU wait til morning??"<br>The pet trail was sooooo covered in dog crap that you couldn't walk your dog on it. <br>NO one was picking up after the dog except me. <br>I will say this..it is very quiet. I'm still not sure how you can have great insulation to where you don't hear your neighbors and yet snow from your shoes stays frozen to your floor rug in the entry way.<br>I have honestly never been that cold in my life!!!!!!!<br>Make sure you measure very good also. <br>Most furniture wont fit in the living room because there virtually is no living room.<br>I personally would not reccommend this property. <br>I complained about the fact that they forgot the weather stripping on the doors and they told me to turn up the heat.<br>The apartment was filthy when I moved in and no one had lived in it before me. <br>The tub was filled with drywall dust and spider webs. <br>Every surface had to be scrubbed to remove the dust before I could move in. <br>I am a neat freak to a fault and my home was far cleaner at move out than when I moved in and yet they kept part of my deposit for cleaning. <br>The manager was an airhead and it was worth the loss to get the hell out of there.<br>The day I moved in there was a concrete company out to cut up the street in front of my driveway.<br>Obviously not too bright of the mgt knowing you have a move in on the same day.<br>Way over priced. Rent here if you want, but buyer beware. You don't get what you pay for!<br>
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Southwind Villas

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