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Southwind Villas

9501 Brentwood Drive

La Vista, NE 68128



Resident · 2011 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I'll admit that I like the apartment. The apartment is spacious and the appliances are decent. The apartments do not have the apartment feel to it (if that makes sense). Appliances that needed repair were generally acceptable. On some issues I had to call several times. Additionally, even after a "repair" the appliance was not fixed. That can be annoying since it appears that I am pestering CIP for repairs. I don't like to call multiple times and get a bad rep for always complaining; however, I needed repairs. There are basically two amenities - the indoor pool and workout facility. If you don't mind kids then the pool may be sufficient for you. I've never really used it, but when I have, it's been fine. The gym is nothing special. The gym is small and a bit outdated. I will give CIP credit for recently making some improvements (new treadmill and bike (I think)). However, even with the minimal improvements, the gym is still lacking. They did just get COX TV instead of Direct TV if that makes a difference? Really, everything else is average. I can hear my neighbors. That doesn t bother me, but I might be unique in that. I figure if I can hear them, they can hear me, so why complain? I ve always been able to park except when you have fools blocking your driveway. Don t try to get anyone towed from in front of your garage b/c it won t happen. Our car in the garage was blocked twice. We called numerous times to have the car removed, but nothing was ever done. We went to our immediate neighbors and no one knew who was blocking our driveway. We weren t about to canvas the whole complex. Just wait it out we were told. Well waiting isn t helpful when it is making you late. My biggest complaint, and the reason why my overall review is only two stars, is CIP s refusal to work with us (my wife and I) on rent. We lived in our apartment for two years now. Rent increased after the first year (to be expected). The increase was $30 I believe. They are increasing rent again this year (by $30 again). No biggie. However, my wife and I are building a home and asked for a 6 month lease (which was offered after the first year but no longer available due to timing issues regarding renting). CIP refused to accommodate us. Instead we were told we must pay the extra $115 for a month-to-month lease. We paid rent on time every month for 2 years (with the exception of one time we missed the deadline b/c we were gone on vacation - we paid the $50 late fee with no complaint). One would think they would work with good, existing customers. I offered to split the $115, but that was rejected. I understand they are in the business of making money, but customer service is also an important business practice. For this reason, and some other minor reasons alluded to above, I would not recommend southwind villas (or another CIP property as the practice is likely the same). Hopefully, this review, coming while we are still living at southwind, doesn t come to bite me in the behind. Maybe I won t get my security deposit (which I think we should, no stains on carpet and no other damage except for normal wear and tear - plus I believe carpet is replaced after 2 years - or cleaned extensively regardless). Hopefully this review helps.
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Southwind Villas

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