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Southwind Villas

9501 Brentwood Drive

La Vista, NE 68128



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I lived here for three years and never complained about anything but when a neighbor above me had her three kids playing dance party usa on my ceiling I complained several times only to be ignored. I then started calling the police. I also called the apartment manager Kris at night to have her come over to hear how disturbing it was. She told me numerous times she would take care of it kept giving me the run around then informed me I could move out and break my lease without a penalty, move to a different unit or a diff. apt complex owned by the same company. Since I would have to pay for movers I decided to buy a house and move out. My mortgage pymt is cheaper at 15yrs than that place was. However when I went to give my 30 days notice the apt. manager Kris said I had to pay the penalty to break my lease which would be $1750.00, this is after I was already planning on buying and was closing in 10days. I called CIP management but they didn't return any of my calls and didn't care. Since I had recorded the conversation prior with her stating I could break my lease I notified them I had that recording and would go to court. They then agreed to let me break my lease. However the nightmare didn't stop there, they said my carpet had pet urine stains and I would have to pay for carpet to be replaced $1500.00, which I found expensive since it is crappy apartment carpet and my dog goes to doggy daycare when I am at work so she couldn't of urinated on it. I knew they were just being difficult due to me breaking my lease. The company the use to clean the carpets is a carpet and restoration place so where they can recommend a cleaning for 120 or say it needs to be replace and charge $1500.00 they are going to say it needs to be replace. Loved the place up until last year when they got new management. If you have a pet they will charge you to replace carpet....not worth the money you pay.
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Southwind Villas

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