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Black Sand Apartments

4911 North 32nd Street

Lincoln, NE 68504



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I just recently moved out of Black Sand apartments after 2 years... and im GLAD to be far away from that place!! I lived in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment on the 2nd floor. The office staff people are always rude, especially the office manager (he has been there for about a year) I hated going into the office to get packages or whatever because they are super lazy or have something smart to say to you. The apartment itself is super cheap. I realized this after living there for a couple of months yet resigned my lease because of the location. They used the cheapest materials and then when it came time to move out, charged me 3x the amount to fix or replace something. (told me we had a "melted" sink") When we first moved in, we had brand new carpet, but by the time we moved out, the office manager told us it was "completely destroyed" which wasnt true because throughout our whole lease, we treated our carpet well, besides underneath the kitchen table (nothing a carpet cleaner wouldnt clean) So we were charged for that, without getting anything back from the deposit. My old neighbors told me(1 week after i moved out) they didnt replace the carpet, they only have people come and clean it, yet charged us to replace the carpets!!!! Its such a scam, we deserved to get money back but overcharged us on "dowels" that i could of bought for $5 but they charged us $30!!! This is the tip of the iceberg. We started out by paying $745 then when we resigned it went up $10... when it came to resign the 2nd time, it was going to go up to $770! That apartment is not worth $745 let alone $770! I moved to the south side of town, i pay almost $100 more per month but am much more happier with the complex. I have nice appliances, a soaker tub, a GYM, and nice office staff. The cable and internet options suck! im a student and my boyfriend plays xbox... he would always lag or it would disconnect! They are super overpriced! Please do not move into this complex! They are having a hard time keeping the apartments filled... the entrance to my apartment (6 different apartments per enterance) had 3 empty apartments. And the entrance next to mine, had 2 empty. One staff member informed me that they are having to raise rent and deposits becuase they have so many empty apartments. THIS SHOULD RAISE A RED FLAG!!!! obiviously they do not treat the tenants well plus they have crappy apartments!
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Black Sand Apartments

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