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Black Sand Apartments

4911 North 32nd Street

Lincoln, NE 68504



Resident · 2009 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
By Far the WORST Apt I have ever lived in. Where do I start. The walls are made out of paper. You can hear people just talking on their cell phone. You can hear people peeing in the bathroom and even taking a ----! The person that lived above me made my life a living hell. Because I didnt say Hi one time he yelled through the floor you ------- B*tch!!! He would leave me psycho notes on my door and then apologize. He needed to be in a psych ward. Apartment complex did nothing about this. The floor to the entryway squeeked, the floor above me squeeked. The guy who lived above me his bed squeeked so I could hear him every time he moved in bed. You could hear people having sex. Basically what couldnt you hear. Just moved out today which should of been the happiest day of my life but the manager decided to do the walk through to my place with out me. And someone entered my place before I even moved or cleaned the place because I found stuff that didnt belong to me in there which I should of called the cops on them. Before handing in my keys I shampooed the carpet, wiped down every surface to that place and they decided that I would get back $13.22 of my $200 deposit. there was not a stain on the floor. the carpet looked brand new but they desided to charge me $150 for carpet cuz they want to put new carpet in so why not use my money. I am currently desputing this with them right now. when I asked Josh the --------- of a manager there for a copy of the charges he charged me he said NO! I said I want a copy now of what you charged me and he said too bad I cant do that! Basically Save yourself the trouble of moving into this --------! You'll want to move out after a week of living here! The pool is by all means the tiniest pool I have ever seen. The maintaince men knew my ex and when he and I broke up the would harrass me when I was sitting out on my deck. There was a man who was wanted by the police hiding in these apartments and there was a report of a woman getting pistol whipped in the parking lot of this place. Basically if you want to waste your money living in a complete -------- and be scared of your surroundings then by all means move in. I would not recommend this place to anyone! Not even my worst enemy!!!
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Black Sand Apartments

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