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Black Sand Apartments

4911 North 32nd Street

Lincoln, NE 68504



Resident · 2009 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I lived at Blacksand Apartments for 4 years. It was by far the worst place I've ever lived. If there was a 0 rating thats what i would give this place. The noise you can hear through your walls are ridiculous. I could hear people talking on their cell phones, microwaves go off, when my neighbor would do laundry, people walking into the building, people having sex. The neighbors below me would fight every night. I could hear every word they said to each other. They threw loud parties and had people walking around outside naked. The person living above me had the squeakiest bed ever and I could hear creaking every time he move in bed. The floor above me would creak and I could hear when he would even just walk around in his apartment. Sidewalks were always getting fixed then cracked again and then repaired again. Which caused a bunch of noise as well. Wasp were everywhere outside. Pool is very tiny and if you go there are usually college kids invading it and being ruthless. The staff was terrible. The maintenance man knew my ex bf and would harrass me when sitting outside on my deck. The manager was the rudest person I've ever met. I made an appt. to do the walk through when moving out and he decided to go through it without me present. Then continued to accuse me of stuff that was already done to the apt when I moved in. He wouldn't give me any of my deposit back. I spent 5 days cleaning every inch of that apartment before moving out and wish I wouldn't of. I shampooed the carpet and everything and got nothing back. I called the corporate office to complain about him and they gave me 60 dollars back! That place was ridiculous. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Spend a little extra on a better apt. Your just flushing your money down the toilet if you live there.
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Black Sand Apartments

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