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Black Sand Apartments

4911 North 32nd Street

Lincoln, NE 68504



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
I lived at Black Sand for 3 years, initially because it is close to campus, relatively affordable, and has a washer dryer in unit. Pros: -Maintenance requests are handled very well. They always came the same day as my request, were professional, and not only fixed the problem but would fix other problems that they saw or encountered. -Grounds are kept very nice-- lawn is mowed and landscaping taken care of, parking lots maintained, and snow removal is always prompt. -Spacious rooms and closets, storage in general. Closets come with built in storage shelving and are really large. Plenty of closet space throughout the place for cleaning supplies, pantry, winter coats etc plus shed outside provides great additional storage. -Washer Dryer in Unit. This was my favorite feature and the only thing I'm sad about leaving. They are basic but nice appliances, fairly new and well maintained. Laundry room is huge! Great for storage. -Gas appliances and heating. Stove top and oven are gas which is great for cooking which we would do frequently. Heating is also gas and gas bill is paid by Black Sand so heating costs in the winter are relatively low, $40 a month for our two bed two bath. Cons: -Noise is a real problem, the walls are paper thin. I could hear my jackass of an upstairs neighbor who partied at all hours and could smell the pot he smoked in there constantly. He would also dump his bong water out through his patio boards and soak my patio furniture.. Management typically did nothing about this noise/smell/annoying tenant which was extremely frustrating. I can hear my neighbors peeing, their music, their TV, conversations, and whenever the front door opens it slams loudly and rattles all the walls/doors in our apartment. -Cable and internet. We initially got their internet provided through BLOOM and it was so slow I couldn't even browse the internet. Time Warner Cable apparently doesn't service the complex so we were forced to stay with Windstream which was awful service. I got the BLOOM basic cable for 2 years which was $25 a month for like 30 channels, very basic. To get more you are forced to get DISH through BLOOM and it is serviced by BLOOM only so don't even try calling DISH for help. Very expensive, $58 a month for the most basic package. They gave us a dinosaur of a DISH box... Literally it is humongous and it's DVR options are for VCR only.. How old is this thing? Constantly went out for no reason and always in bad weather. -Staff is unclear about costs when trying to renew a lease. After my roommate moved out and my boyfriend moved in we wanted to get a one bedroom to cut down on space and costs. They told us they don't allow for co-signors.. But we are both college students and don't have enough salaried income to stay without one. They told us we could apply on our own if we set a large amount of money in a account.. We did such and were denied and told that we would only be allowed to have a co-leasee, not a co-signor and since a co-leasee is considered an occupant we aren't allowed by law to have a 1 bedroom. We had never heard of this before nor had either of our parents. After jerking us around for 2 months we needed a place so badly that we were forced to renew the 2 bed 2 bath contract AND they increased my rent by $30 a month despite me being a loyal resident with no complaints and never a single late payment. I called the manager Jason to complain and I have never been treated in such a derogatory and belittling fashion. I might only be 21, but there is no reason to talk to me as if I'm an incompetent child when it was his leasing agents who weren't clear and kept promising us approval and didn't explain their weird policies properly. Rudest manager I have ever met. -Lake.. Looks pretty but there are so many geese. They poop all over the sidewalks which makes running on the paths disgusting and they walk in the road and don't move for cars, and hiss at you/charge you if you're walking by. -Pool is really small and location surrounded by all sides with tall buildings means unless you're there right around noon a large portion of the pool chairs are in the shade anyway. -Fire alarms are really sensitive. Ours went off every single time I turned a burner or the oven on, and went off multiple times during it. Very frustrating. -No secure entry, in a not so great neighborhood/part of town with a very large and sketchy Walmart right next door. Also because of the proximity of the stores you can hear loud trucks and loads coming in to the stores during the evening and early mornings.
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Black Sand Apartments

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