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Central Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2008
First the maintainence guy for Antelope Gardens is great. But then you go down hill from there the lady that works at the office... WOW she's very rude. When you pay for a garage you expect to get the damn garage not being told to carry a motorcycle downstairs to keep inside your apartment because you are too damn lazy to find the right key! Another thing about the garage...the one she was going to give us she told us that the old resident didnt give back the key so they only had 1 to give us and that if we wanted another one we had to pay for them to have one too. RIGHT.....also our apartment smells like smoke non stop i feel like i am a human ash tray when I leave the apartment. The dryer doesnt dry. When we first moved we had a major bug problem our maintence guy came out and was going to tell her that he wanted to do something about it...yup she didnt do a dang thing we had to get rid of them. (our neighbors had them tooo) DIScusting! Also.. people have a thing with parking in the middle of the road. Vistor parking is stupid you have to park blocks away to get where you want to go. then you have to put a parking pass on your car and if you lose it you have to pay $50. LOts of screaming kids all over inside and out. Many breakins. including my own car.
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Central Park Apartments

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