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Chateau Development LLC



Prospective Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Their apartments seem to be alright however their approval process is unnecessarily strict. I paid the application fee and put down the security deposit, showed them my proof of income as well as my roommate's. My roommate and I make 4-5 times more than the rent per month, however since they rate individually for credit/rental history, they can easily deny you regardless of your income. Since this was going to be my first apartment, I of course don't have any credit/rental history which immediately failed my application, so they demanded that I have a cosigner that makes 4 times the rent per month alone. Finding a cosigner like this is extremely hard, and it's not at all sensible to find one that meets this criteria. These 2 criteria failed my entire application despite having a perfect score in all other criteria. It is also important to note that their application asks if you have a CAR and asks for the plate number/model which is ridiculous. I would strongly recommend finding another apartment, as there are plenty of other, much better, apartments that do not have a ridiculous approval policy in Lincoln.
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Chateau Development LLC

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