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Chateau Development LLC



Former Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
*im reposting this because they hid my girlfriends original review I will continue to repost** If I could give them a ZERO star rating I absolutely would. Do NOT live here!! So I'm not usually one to leave bad reviews because I try to give places the benefit of the doubt, sometimes more often than I should BUT I want everyone I know to know how bad it was living at Chateau. Please to anyone looking for a place to live, do NOT live here!! This was by far the WORST place I have lived at and it started literally as soon as I signed my lease. I was told the apartment I was going to be moving into would be $860 a month, not even a minute after I signed my lease the lady told me that it would actually be $880 a month because they were putting new carpet in the apartment-whatever. I asked if I ever wanted to move to a different apartment/townhouse there, how would I go about it and she told me that after living there for 6 months I would be able to move to any other apartment/townhouse on their campus and I would just have to pay the new rent amount AND I would NOT have to sign another year lease and that I would be able to just finish the remainder of my current lease there (6 months) Well when I went to ask about getting a townhouse 6 months later, they then told me it would be the rent for the townhouse PLUS another deposit fee AND I would have to sign a brand new lease and with all the bad experiences already going on I definitely didn't want to sign another year lease there so I stayed at my apartment. I had nothing but awful experiences here. First, when I moved in neither of my doors locked. I had to put a piece of wood under my front door to keep it locked and my sliding glass door never locked either, I also had no lights in either of my bedrooms, none installed at all. The first time I used my patio, the screen door fell off. SO so so over priced for the quality of the apartment! The first month I lived there they also accused me of stealing the previous renters packages (even though it was never delivered to my door, they even called the cops which luckily I told him what was going on and the cop said it was fine and that it probably just got sent to a different address) THEN on top of that, the lady under me constantly hit my floor WHEN I WAS SLEEPING, sitting on my couch or literally just walking from my bedroom to the living room because she thought I was "stomping on the floor" and she went to bed at 8 everyday, she left a note on my door and I kindly left one back saying I would try to be quieter even though I wasn't even the one making the noise and then she proceeded to complain to the office who then reached out to me and told me they would be evicting me if this didn't stop. They didn't even ask my side of the story, for either times that there were "complaints" and they were not professional at all. I will never ever live here again and I have already told friends who wanted to move here to not even bother and look somewhere else. If you want to end up owing $2,000 in "cleaning" charges (which by the way I cleaned my floor with a professional floor cleaning machine AND scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom clean and they still charged me that amount) for a place that's not even worth the $880 rent you have to pay a month then go ahead and rent here, otherwise take your money elsewhere, I can guarantee anywhere else would be better than this place.
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Chateau Development LLC

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