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Gate Park Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2012
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I moved to Gate Park apartments May of 2009 and I still live here as of March 2012. Moving to my one bed, one bath apartment was a huge upgrade from the University dorm room I had resided in for the 3 years prior. I love my apartment & it has been the place I call home for almost 3 years. I have a north-facing apartment with a balcony & I also have a garage. After reading reviews on the complex, I disagree with some of the prior tenants. This is a small, older community built in the 1970 s. The appliances may be a bit older, but they still work. The floors and walls are a bit thin & sound does travel, but this is to be expected with an apartment in comparison to a newer complex or a house. I have called in repairs to my apartment, and they are always completed within 48 hours. Though I have a garage, I have always found parking to be ample whenever I do not choose to park in the garage. Never have I seen the parking lots entirely full. The guest parking is limited, yet a specific area designated as guest parking is almost always wide open. Those who complain parking its not adequate are those who don t find a spot immediately out their building door and may have to walk a bit. With all the positives of Gate Park, every complex has its not so positive aspects. Storage in my apartment is limited, with only 2 small closets, one of which is half occupied by the water heater. The hallways and public areas are not cleaned regularly and at times can become dirty with un-vacuumed floors and scuffed walls. Lastly, my biggest disappointment has come with snow removal. The sidewalks are normally not scooped until after snow has finished falling, and more often than not are not cleared when I leave for work at 7:30am. Quick passes by trucks clear the parking lots with blades, and snow often will be piled at least 1-2 feet high behind cars and also in front of my garage. I am confident in saying this would be a good first time apartment home. The rent is lower than the surrounding communities; the tenants (for the most part) are all decent, friendly & keep to themselves. Minus the occasional slammed door, noisy walking in the hallways or loud TV/radio, it s a quiet place to live. However, in the end, the storage in each apartment is minimal, the amenities are few, and with older appliances, smaller square footage, eventually I myself will want to upgrade to a bigger apartment or possibly a house. Overall, I am very happy to call Gate Park Apartments my home. I highly recommend all apartment hunters to consider Gate Park.
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Gate Park Apartments

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